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Re: NetBSD 6-STABLE: only one virtual terminal and no /dev/console

On Feb 25, 2013, at 14:04, "Thomas Mueller" <> 

> A recent problem I have with NetBSD, building from source, and not only in 
> the 6-STABLE branch, now at 6.1_RC1, is only having one virtual terminal.

Dave Huang <> responded:

> Did you enable them by setting wscons=YES in /etc/rc.conf? You might
> also check /etc/wscons.conf, although the default file enables 4
> virtual terminals.

I didn't have wscons=YES in /etc/rc.conf; noticed wscons=NO in
/etc/defaults/rc.conf .  I checked against an old NetBSD installation
(5.1_STABLE) and found wscons=YES in /etc/rc.conf .

So I can try that, also go through /etc/defaults/rc.conf to see what
else needs to be fixed, maybe include xdm.

I built from source and installed branches netbsd-5, netbsd-6 and HEAD
onto USB sticks, each for both i386 and amd64, but may drop netbsd-5 or
update it only very infrequently.  Source trees and pkgsrc are in a
hard-drive partition where I had FreeBSD 9.0_BETA1 installed.  I am now
in FreeBSD and can access netbsd-6 and HEAD USB sticks but not netbsd-5,
apparently because of a difference in the disklabel used by sysinst
which I used only to partition for netbsd-5 and 6; running disklabel 
directly from the command line didn't work right and didn't stick.
I use GPT for netbsd-HEAD.

GPT works better than disklabel; I would like to say permanent goodbye to
NetBSD disklabel.

So now I have multiple virtual terminals in FreeBSD and can use to 
copy-and-paste, and modify, from /etc/defaults/rc.conf to /etc/rc.conf .

I noticed dmesg said Warning: no /dev/console, but after logging in as
root, found /dev/console was present.


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