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NetBSD 6-STABLE: only one virtual terminal and no /dev/console: update

A recent problem I have with NetBSD, building from source, and not only in the 
6-STABLE branch, now at 6.1_RC1, is only having one virtual terminal.

Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F2,Ctrl-Alt-F3, etc, has no effect.

Now with the upgrade to 6.1_RC1, there is /dev/console and /dev/constty , but 
still only one virtual terminal.

I did etcupdate and postinstall.

This happens even with the GENERIC kernel.

Is there something missing in the conf/GENERIC configuration file or in 

The only way around is to build an X window manager from pkgsrc, using xorg 
from pkgsrc, having multiple desktops, such as icewm (or many others)?


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