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Re: altq help

On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 08:54:22PM +0200, Jukka Marin wrote:
> Do I also have to add queue rules for the incoming traffic on the external
> interface?  I have seen this in some examples, but I don't understand why
> that would be necessary (unless it's simply required by pf/altq).

It seems that I have to add the same queue specification for both directions,
although only one direction is to be bandwidth limited.

> Also, should the altq queues become effective immediately after reloading
> pf.conf or do they only affect TCP connections created after the reload?

Seems they work immediately, now that the packets are put into queues.

One more problem.  I have the following queues:

altq on $ext_if cbq bandwidth 1000Kb queue { ext_ps3, ext_vpn, ext_std, ext_dmz 

queue ext_ps3           priority 5 bandwidth 25% cbq(borrow)
queue ext_vpn           priority 4 bandwidth 10% cbq(borrow)
queue ext_std           bandwidth 25% cbq(default borrow)
queue ext_dmz           priority 1 bandwidth 39% { ext_dmz_http, ext_dmz_misc }
  queue ext_dmz_http bandwidth 50% priority 3 cbq(red borrow)
  queue ext_dmz_misc bandwidth 50% priority 1 cbq(borrow)

Why isn't ext_dmz_http borrowing the full 39% (390 kbps) bw from ext_dmz?
Instead, ext_dmz_http only uses around 212 kbps and ext_dmz_misc is idle.



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