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Re: ports

2everyone: if you still think that yum/apt/zypper are much better than those
provided by pkgsrc, please compare them with pkgtools/nih and express
your opinion.

Julio Merino / @jmmv

These days I typically install a package for OpenBSD, build from /usr/ports for FreeBSD, and from /usr/pkgsrc for NetBSD.

To update I have been using pkg_chk, since things have been alright running like this:

# pkg_chk -fsu

I installed pkgtools/nih a couple of weeks ago. Ran some simple commands just to get information and the result was very elegant. I hope to learn lots more about nih and potentially begin using it to replace pkg_chk altogether.

Never mind yum unless I ever have to. It was bizarre the last time that I tried it in 2003.


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