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Re: ports

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 05:27:12PM -0400, kalin wrote:
> i'm coming from the world of freebsd and usually there the ports of
> a brand new release install all work together.

Yeah.  Your nomenclature gave you away.  In NetBSD (and the rest of
computer history, frankly) a "port" is the result of porting the
operating system to a target architecture, e.g. sparc64 is a port.  A
bundle of software is called a "package".  

> i did try PHP_VERSION_DEFAULT?=  54. not very successfully. since
> the extensions ports were out of date.

Now try:


as you were instructed.  Because the "?=" means "if it isn't already
set, set it to this value."  You can test to see if it's correct by
going to the /usr/pkgsrc directory of the package you'd like to build
and execute:


> the actual php directory itself does not have a Makefile. so nothing
> can be build from it.

Correct.  If you want php53 you go to /usr/pkgsrc/lang/php53 and if you
want php54 you go to /usr/pkgsrc/lang/php54.  The PHP_VERSION_DEFAULT is
for pacakges which depend upon PHP to know which it ought to build in
order to satisfy that dependency.

> it looks like if i want to use php 5.4.* i'd have to build all of it
> myself...

Yep.  That's why it's called pkgsrc.  If you want to pkg_add binaries,
they're available.

> anyway...  just saying.

Just saying what, exactly?  

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