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Re: ports

thanks for the reply...

i'm coming from the world of freebsd and usually there the ports of a brand new release install all work together.

now decided to try out netbsd - mostly because of xen - and using the ports in pkgsrc things aren't as pretty. (i know xen doesn't need php or mysql)

apparently there is no mk.conf in /etc. i can add that. not a problem. but i found a directory under /usr/pkgsrc/lang called just php with a file there called which is used when extensions are build. that file references another one called which appears is the one that determines the actual default version in these 2 lines:

PHP_VERSION_DEFAULT?=                53

i did try PHP_VERSION_DEFAULT?= 54. not very successfully. since the extensions ports were out of date.

the actual php directory itself does not have a Makefile. so nothing can be build from it.

i discovered all this when the all the extensions i need start building with patched versions for php 5.3.10. which by now it's old.

it looks like if i want to use php 5.4.* i'd have to build all of it myself...

anyway...  just saying.

thanks again for the reply.

On 8/29/12 10:34 PM, Eric Schnoebelen wrote:
kalin writes:
- ports in pkgsrc are all messed up.

The best place to discuss the pkgsrc system is

- i have a default install of netbsd 5.1
- tried to install a simple apache php mysql set up via the pkgs.
- it really gets to be a pain. installed php54 bit all the extensions for
- php are build with a Makefile for 5.3. what's the point there?

Did you set PHP_VERSION_DEFAULT in /etc/mk.conf?

Currently, the default version of PHP is 5.3.  If you wish to
use 5.4 as the default/standard version on your installation,
you need to add the following to your /etc/mk.conf:


Eric Schnoebelen      
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