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Re: Maintaining alternative OS: emulator vs linux emulation layer

                        Hi there,

On Sat, 02 Jun 2012 21:56:25 +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> HP USB multifunction printer/scanner support:
> (I
> feel hplip is written in quite Linux specific way. So not sure what's
> the best way out.)

Does your printer have an Ethernet port? If yes it might be easier to 
setup this way.

I have a HP2840, on which I got both printing and scanning to work over 
Ethernet with the wip/hplip package. IIRC:
- the printer needs to be properly setup in CUPS to allow printing and 
scanning as well
- scanning is done over SNMP, and you need it enabled (read/write) on the 
printer with the default settings

In practice the hp-* tools from that same package do not seem to work for 
me. The hp-makeuri tool seems to communicate with the printer, generates 
URIs, but I can't get any other of these tools to work properly.

> A terminal (such as mlterm) with UTF8 support (also reported upstream,
> though problem seems specific to NetBSD)

Doesn't xterm support UTF-8?

> Among applications I have a wish list somewhat like this:
> Don't find a good voip client, preferably with CLI:

I have written a beginning of a VoIP client myself, with libsofia-sip 
(for SIP obviously) but it's nowhere near functional yet unfortunately 
(see wip/deforaos-phone). Any help appreciated :)

> Java plugin for firefox (not so critical though)

If I remember correctly the 32-bits version of lang/sun-jre6 installs the 
Mozilla plug-in. Manual tweaking with nspluginwrapper is certainly 
required, but it might be able to work already.


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