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Re: sysinst and gpt

> First off have you checked the ram and hard disk are ok?
> I use memtest86 and the diagnostics program from the
> drive manufacturers. Both memtest86 and memtester are in
> pkgsrc/sysutils. I usually run memory tests overnight or
> until at least one complete pass if longer.

You mean my hard disk and ram have a grudge against NetBSD but not FreeBSD and 

> I'd then download and burn a NetBSD desktop cd as both
> those I've tried have worked on my pcs but not recently.
> Google for NetBSD+live-cd or similar.

I downloaded, burned and ran the Jibbed NetBSD 5.1 CD for i386, observed the 
bugs on the old computer.

> When I've configured X it's been from a release without
> built-in X, ie modular-Xorg from pkgsrc. Lack of speed
> is the main problem due to minimal support for graphics
> chipsets.

> 256MB ram shouldn't stop you building src or a release
> and many packages should build ok. I don't know how you
> will obtain the src and distfiles unless you have access
> to an internet connected system. Prebuilt packages can
> be downloaded from or mirrors.

I could install to a USB stick from the new computer; i386 should run on amd64 

I can boot USB stick normally on new computer, by PLOP ( on 
the old computer.

> >
> > Downside is that both computers remain tied down for
>   the duration of the compile.

> What do you mean by "tied down"? When I'm building a
> release and/or from pkgsrc the pcs are still usable.

What version of NetBSD was that?  Building from source becomes more 
resource-demanding with each new release/prerelease.

I wouldn't want to build any big packages. vlc would be too much on the old 

That took 12 hours on the old computer before it stopped and failed due to 
pkgsrc not properly managing the dependencies.

> >
> > I guess I could use NFS?  I don't really know how to
>   set that up, have never tried before, need to check
>   manpages.

> /etc/rc.conf
> mountd=YES
> nfs_client=YES
> nfs_server=YES
> lockd=YES
> statd=YES
> amd=NO
> rpcbind=YES

> /etc/exports
> /var/spool/output/lpd -maproot=root -network 192.168.123/24
> /home -aalldirs -maproot=root -network 192.168.123/24

> David

It helps to be familiar with NFS.  I think NFS was used even in DOS's heyday.


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