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Re: sysinst and gpt

On 18 Jan 2012 at 6:24, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> > > Another thing is inability to go into X with the
>     generic kernel.
> from David Lord"
> What are the errors? Have you configured X correctly?
> > Have you tried any of the NetBSD from CD? I use boot
> > from CD as a last resort but it's several years since
> > I needed to.
> > 
> No error messages!  X doesn't get that far!
> On the old computer, I just get a dark screen, can't do anything but hit 
> reset.  Caps Lock key does not light up the LED.

First off have you checked the ram and hard disk are ok?
I use memtest86 and the diagnostics program from the 
drive manufacturers. Both memtest86 and memtester are in 
pkgsrc/sysutils. I usually run memory tests overnight or 
until at least one complete pass if longer.

I'd then download and burn a NetBSD desktop cd as both
those I've tried have worked on my pcs but not recently.
Google for NetBSD+live-cd or similar.

When I've configured X it's been from a release without
built-in X, ie modular-Xorg from pkgsrc. Lack of speed
is the main problem due to minimal support for graphics


> I guess, if I want to compile something for the old 
  computer that way, I'm limited by the RAM, 256 MB, on
  the old computer?

256MB ram shouldn't stop you building src or a release
and many packages should build ok. I don't know how you
will obtain the src and distfiles unless you have access
to an internet connected system. Prebuilt packages can
be downloaded from or mirrors.

> Downside is that both computers remain tied down for 
  the duration of the compile.

What do you mean by "tied down"? When I'm building a
release and/or from pkgsrc the pcs are still usable.

> I guess I could use NFS?  I don't really know how to 
  set that up, have never tried before, need to check


/var/spool/output/lpd -maproot=root -network 192.168.123/24
/home -aalldirs -maproot=root -network 192.168.123/24


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