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Re: sysinst and gpt

On 17 Jan 2012 at 7:06, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> from, my last message:
> > I feel I need to build NetBSD from source because the 
    binary distribution doesn't work.

My NetBSD 5- src directory is about 4.7GB with no xsrc 
but a few kernels and at least one release.
> > Also there are some things wrong with the included X, 
    one being ability to copy and paste only a small amount
    of lines at one time.
> > Another thing is inability to go into X with the 
    generic kernel.

What are the errors? Have you configured X correctly?
Have you tried any of the NetBSD from CD? I use boot 
from CD as a last resort but it's several years since
I needed to.  

> > Of course, getting a working NetBSD by building from 
    source is a doubtful proposition.
> My older computer, dating to July 2001, has 256 MB RAM, 
  Gigabyte GA-7DXR motherboard, too slow and not enough
  hard-disk space to build NetBSD or FreeBSD from source.
  This computer was built slightly before USB 2.0 became
  widespread, so USB on motherboard is 1.1.  Video card 
  is ATI r128: works well with Linux and FreeBSD but not
  so well with NetBSD, or at least not NetBSD's 
  included X.  Maybe X from pkgsrc might do better.

So try modular Xorg. I have a pc with ATI-r128, its
running win98 just now. I'll try Jabber or another
of my NetBSD CDs with X on it but sure I have already 
done that without problem.


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