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Re: sysinst and gpt

> > Another thing is inability to go into X with the
    generic kernel.

from David Lord"

What are the errors? Have you configured X correctly?
> Have you tried any of the NetBSD from CD? I use boot
> from CD as a last resort but it's several years since
> I needed to.
No error messages!  X doesn't get that far!

On the old computer, I just get a dark screen, can't do anything but hit reset. 
 Caps Lock key does not light up the LED.

On the new computer, I just get an immediate reboot without unmounting the file 

Not even sure how I'd boot the new NetBSD build.  Something with grub2 or 

FreeBSD 9.0 can't read a NetBSD disklabel under MBR partitioning scheme, but OK 
with gpt.

from: "Julian H. Stacey" <>:

> Lack of space not a problem if you leave both machines running.

> I've used NFS [+AMD] for >= a decade to build many machines that
> don't have enough disc.  To build all of /usr/src, + many /usr/ports/
> that I wanted.  OK, so it take time, but it works.  That's on many
> old versions of FreeBSD back to at least 4.11 that I can still do it
> for, machines with as little as 486 33MHz 32M or less, far less than yours, eg
> (Though I also cross compile binary packages on faster hosts for
> speed, I have also native compiled to verify the target host ( a
> scanner with inbuilt BSD) has a complete set of libs & incs & tools
> before delivery to customers.

> I even recall way back, doing some makes using NFS across
> a SLIP (serial IP) based connection with a FreeBSD i486 providing
> file space for my NetBSD pc532 compiler.
> No not all src/ over SLIP, just some bits. NFS + SLIP is _slow_

> ....
> > the screen goes blank and does not come back on mouse or keyboard action;
> ...
> > I can also type "shutdown -r now" in the dark

> Always tricky typing blind. Easier to install a LAN & from live screen
>         rlogin old_pc
>         ps -laxww
>         cd /var/log ; more Xorg.0.log xdm.log
> Good luck.

> Cheers,
> Julian

I was wondering about the possibility of using the local network, either by 
long Ethernet cable or USB wireless adapter.

Is SLIP speed comparable to 56 kbps modem?  That is too slow, slower than USB 
1.1, even slower than floppy.

I don't even have a dialup modem for the new computer, haven't used the 
internal PCI hardware dialup modem in the old computer in the last few years.

I guess, if I want to compile something for the old computer that way, I'm 
limited by the RAM, 256 MB, on the old computer?

Downside is that both computers remain tied down for the duration of the 

I guess I could use NFS?  I don't really know how to set that up, have never 
tried before, need to check manpages.


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