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Re: Need printer recommendation

On Sun, 27 Nov 2011 16:06:09 +0100
herbert langhans <> wrote:

> A short question - what laser printer do you use with NetBSD? I would
> be very happy with a Cups-free solution. Maybe a network printer what
> connects by TCP/IP?

After wrestling with cheap inkjet printers and ghostscript, I started
using Lexmark Postscript printers.  Currently that's a C530, which is
about the same size and price as the refrigerator I had in college.
The current B&W model is the E260dn.  

lp|remote laser printer|Lexmark C530dn:\

The manuals are reasonably complete and are online.  

One nice thing is you can FTP the document to the printer, bypassing
any drivers or other mediation.  

I have had problems printing certain PDFs, even via ftp.  When I
contacted support and provided copies of the files, they said the files
were OK, that it worked for them.  They requested the full specs for
the firmware but I never followed up.  I think I could have resolved it
given sufficient interest.  

The printer can be configured via its built-in webserver and sends mail
when the ink is low.  I've spent more in ink than on the printer, and
I'm sure I'm not alone.  


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