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Serving FQDNs with dnsmasq


[ This list may not be the most appropriate for this question, but I bet
that someone here may have had to fight this before.  Also, the
following includes some generic question regarding NetBSD and hostnames,
so it's on-topic ;-) ]

Despite of what other systems appear to do, it seems to me that NetBSD
wants the hostname definition to be FQDN.  Up until recently, I've had
my little server with a hardcoded in
/etc/rc.conf and all was good.  For example, postfix could infer the
"mydomain" value by itself.

However, I've now started using a router that runs dd-wrt, and have set
up dnsmasq on it to act as a dhcp server.  The dhcp server is handing
out leases like the following:

            Domain-Name Option 15, length 13: ""
            Hostname Option 12, length 4: "mini"

which result in my NetBSD box getting a hostname value of "mini" instead
of the FQDN one.  This, in turn, breaks the default configuration of
postfix and I believe many other things.

The dnsmasq configuration currently on the router looks like:


Is it correct to assume that hostname should be a FQDN?  If so, what
magic do I have to apply to dnsmasq to hand off such names in the
"hostname" option?

(I know I can add some supersede stanzas to dhclient.conf to reject the
hostname option.  But I'd rather not do that.)


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