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Re: Static ip on NetBSD / My rc.conf

2011/11/28, George Ember <>:
> rc_configured=YES
> wscons=YES
> hostname=NetBSD
> defaultroute=
> inetd=YES
> routed=YES
> dhclient=NO

Hi, you should read the documentation..., or use man ifconfig.if

for me is no necesary put in rc.conf parameters of network, i like to
create the file ifconfig.yourinterface

for example:

ifconfig -a, will show the names of interfaces, afterward you should
create one or two files, depend...
Currently i have running a machine with netbsd, network configuration is:

vi /etc/ifconfig.vr0:
inet netmask
vi /etc/mygate
put your gateway, only one ip, e.g.
vi /etc/resolv.conf

for me is enough

afterward run: /etc/rc.d/network restart

Edguitar ;)

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