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Re: Coovachilli and NetBSD

> Can you explain how this is supposed to work?  I don't understand why
> you think tun interfaces are part of this.  Perhaps tap?

No, it's tun. As far as I've read (and tested), the tap interface works only on 
Actually it starts a tun interface (with a local ip address, usually and an internal dhcp server on it. Then it starts to listen 
(bridge?) on the lan specified interface (in my situation, it's re0) and 
whenever a client asks for an ip, it assigns one of those local ips.
The problem is: I can see, using tcpdump, the requests coming on the physical 
re0 interface, but there are no replies. And tcpdump on the tun0 doesn't show 
 The software is supposed to work on NetBSD (as FreeBSD and OpenBSD), but I 
can't find any reference to it. I have some working Linux-Chillispot machines 
around, and I would like to convert them to NetBSD and CoovaChilli (maintained, 
as Chillispot is has been abandoned in 2006 and has no (real) *BSD support, 
just some patches).


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