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Re: Coovachilli and NetBSD

Stefano Marinelli <> writes:

>> Can you explain how this is supposed to work?  I don't understand why
>> you think tun interfaces are part of this.  Perhaps tap?
> No, it's tun. As far as I've read (and tested), the tap interface
> works only on Linux.
> Actually it starts a tun interface (with a local ip address, usually
> and an internal dhcp server on it. Then it starts to
> listen (bridge?) on the lan specified interface (in my situation, it's
> re0) and whenever a client asks for an ip, it assigns one of those
> local ips.

You haven't explained *how* it's supposed to work, just what it's
supposed to do.

As I understand it, tun(4) will provide IP packets and tap(4) will
appear to be an Ethernet.  I wouldn't expect that one can bridge a tun
and an ethernet (with brconfig(8)).

> The problem is: I can see, using tcpdump, the requests coming on the
> physical re0 interface, but there are no replies. And tcpdump on the
> tun0 doesn't show anything.

So the question is how the packets are supposed to flow from the re(4)
to the tun(4); presumably the program listens on re with bpf, grabs
packets, munges them somehow, and then writes them to the control side
of the tun.

Probably time to fire up a debugger and trace a packet.

>  The software is supposed to work on NetBSD (as FreeBSD and OpenBSD),
> but I can't find any reference to it. I have some working
> Linux-Chillispot machines around, and I would like to convert them to
> NetBSD and CoovaChilli (maintained, as Chillispot is has been
> abandoned in 2006 and has no (real) *BSD support, just some patches).

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