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Coovachilli and NetBSD

Hello everybody,
I've tried to setup a NetBSD system acting as a captive portal with 
CoovaChilli. FreeRadius is working with MySQL, dialupadmin is working 
perfectly, I could compile CoovaChilli and run it seems it's not 
giving addresses via dhcp on the selected network card. I've been using it on 
Debian for some years, and experienced no problems at all. Launching in debug 
and foreground mode, I do not see any strange message, it opens the tun 
interface, configures it properly and then just sits waiting for clients to 
connect. When a client asks for an ip address, Chilli doesn't detect it at all, 
as if nothing is happening. I'm using a freshly compiled netbsd-5.
Anybody has ever tried something like that? Any hint or suggestion?

Thank you,

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