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"inaccurate wcc data" revisit

Hello NetBSD-users.

My NetBSD-5.1-i386 box is a VMware instance running on a Linux [Ubuntu 10.04] server and the Ubuntu server also serves as an NFS server to mount my projects sources onto the [expendable/replaceable] NetBSD image.

When doing quick 'edit-make-make install' changes, I'll get kernel messages like:

voodoo:/Stash/Projects: inaccurate wcc data (ctime) detected, disabling wcc (ctime 1300038742.000000000 1300038742.000000000, mtime 1300038742.000000000 1300038742.000000000)

which I understand should be "ignoreable" but in my case they're not: make install will not install my new code because it thinks the final object is newer than the one I just built.

I know this was a problem in 2006/07 timeframe from Google searches, but don't see a definitive fix for this.

What can I do?


Ron McDowell
San Antonio TX

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