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Re: "inaccurate wcc data" revisit

On Mar 13, 2011, at 11:40 AM, Ron McDowell wrote:
> which I understand should be "ignoreable" but in my case they're not: make 
> install will not install my new code because it thinks the final object is 
> newer than the one I just built.
> I know this was a problem in 2006/07 timeframe from Google searches, but 
> don't see a definitive fix for this.
> What can I do?

Please see:

...and look into .vmx config option called "tools.syncTime = true", or possibly 
"vmware-guestd --cmd 'vmx.set_option synctime 1 1'" in the guest VM.  VMWare 
sometimes seems to encourage people to run ntpd in guest VMs, but I think that 
is badly flawed advice.

[ This is excerpted from a much longer discussion going on on 
comp.protocols.time.ntp aka <>... ]


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