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Re: NetBSD-5.1 running under Parallels VM on Mac OS X

On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 7:12 AM, Kurt Schreiner <> 
> Just did a little "benchmark" on my iMac:

I did one on my Macbook Air. I tested VMWare Fusion 3.1.2 vs
VirtualBox 3.2.12. Both had a very standard single processor setup
with 256 megs of memory, 512 megs of swap, and an ide hard drive.

I installed NetBSD 5.1 from here:

I also downloaded the source from the same place.

The tests were run at separate times for each machine.

For this command:

/usr/src/ -T ../tools -O ../obj tools

1575.61 real
661.96 user
828.83 sys

VMWare Fusion:
1030.85 real
492.97 user
483.58 sys

For this command:

/usr/src/ -u -T ../tools -O ../obj kernel=GENERIC

1207.60 real
525.82 user
661.74 sys

VMWare Fusion:
918.21 real
455.03 user
446.32 sys

So VMWare Fusion is about 1/3 faster in both situations. I'm not a
particular fan of VMWare or their parent company, but credit is due in
this case. Then again, if you're paying for something you expect it to
be better...

VMWare "feels" noticeably faster with my work WinXP machine, which is
nice. Their migration tool worked fine when copying it from VirtualBox
over to Fusion. It seems worth the $35 or so I paid for it after


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