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Re: NetBSD-5.1 running under Parallels VM on Mac OS X

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 7:42 PM, Thor Lancelot Simon <> 
> VMware is the way.  Even VirtualBox seems to be more reliable, and only
> a little slower, than Parallels at this point.

A few general questions about this then, directed at anyone:

I've been using VirtualBox on OSX for a while now with both Windows XP
and NetBSD/AMD64 as guest machines. There are a few things that annoy
me but since it's free, I can't really complain. I've heard VMWare
uses less memory and might be faster than VirtualBox, can anyone
confirm this?

Also, is there any NetBSD (guest) specific reason why I would want to
spend money on VMWare Fusion instead of VirtualBox?



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