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Re: Replacing Postfix

On Dec 22, 2010, at 3:17 AM, Hauke Fath wrote:
>> Do you have SASL and OpenSSL linked into sendmail...?
> No, not in that one.


>> I get sizes of 7932K / 4036K (vs 5820K / 2732K without) just from starting
>> it up, and that grows considerably if you actually send mail through it
>> using STARTTLS.  When idle, they seem similar, but when you put even a
>> light load through them (say 10K messages per day), sendmail is much
>> bulkier in practice, IMO.  Perhaps the fine-grained control of children in
>> Postfix'es contributes to that impression...
> 10 K messages/d ... we were originally talking about what is essentially a
> nullclient, handing on system mail to the nearest MX.

What IT Geek 31 was asking for originally was "TLS and SASL support", perhaps 
from pkgsrc, when others noted how to configure base system Postfix to provide 
at least TLS.

Alistair C. then started thinking about a "small mini_sendmail STYLE MTA"...

> We have this disccussion precisely because for a dedicated MX, the MTA
> build configuration will be non-standard, even if you stick with the base
> MTA.

I find it entirely reasonable that someone would want to build a tweaked MTA 
from pkgsrc or whatever.  I also find it reasonably common for people to stick 
with the base MTA, without doing anything more than adjusting configs.

> Therefore, the base MTA might as well be minimal - which a 3 MBytes
> process is not, especially on Lesser Architectures, and embedded systems.

Well, I'm OK with the *notion* of a minimal base MTA, but I recall looking 
around at various alternatives and not finding anything I regarded as a 
reasonable alternative.

(If the prospective MTA can't resend after getting a 4xx temp failure from the 
mail hub, or it can't manage to do SMTP protocol on localhost:25 for local 
processes trying to send email, then it's not usable...not for my purposes, 
anyway. :)


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