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Re: NetBSD-5.1 kernel crash with msdos filesystem

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 7:15 PM, Gary Duzan <> wrote:
> In Message 
> <>,
>   Sad Clouds <>wrote:
> =>This is happening on amd64 architecture. Mount msdos filesystem and
> =>then try to create directory on that filesystem with mkdir. You
> =>immediately get kernel crash.
> =>
> =>At the moment I don't have a backtrace (USB keyboard does not respond
> =>in kernel debugger). I vaguely remember seeing this before, but I'm not
> =>too sure on the details.
> =>
> =>Is anyone else seeing this? This seems to happen only on 64-bit
> =>architectures, like amd64. Any ideas?
>   I vaguely remember something similar. I believe I used rump_msdos
> to get around it. It may still crash, but at least it won't crash
> the kernel, and it should be easier to debug.
>                                        Gary Duzan

I've had something similar in NetBSD 3.1.  I mounted the fie system read-only,
extracted, what I could, and then reformatted it under NetBSD and restored.

The MS-dos disk was just a data-disk, not a system disk.  Window$ dos
not like if its
systems disk is saved and restored with tat.

Since then - no problems

Kind regards
Hans Dinsen-Hansen

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