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Re: rum(4) and wpa_supplicant

On 21:41 Tue 23 Nov , Sad Clouds wrote:
> Are rum(4) and wpa_supplicant completely broken?
> I'm using Asus WL-157g v2 USB adapter and can't get wpa_supplicant to
> work. Has anyone been able to get rum(4) working?
> The onboard wireless and LAN interfaces are not supported by NetBSD,
> so using rum(4) was my last desperate attempt to get any network
> connectivity with NetBSD. Any help would be appreciated.

I have no problems using my WL-167g v2 adapter with wpa_supplicant under
NetBSD-current and it also worked under NetBSD-5.1-RC3.

Under 5.0.2 I couldn't get it to work with wpa_supplicant.

So, if you are using something older than 5.1, your issue might be
solved in NetBSD-5.1 or -current.

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