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NetBSD Wishlist


Here my wishlist for NetBSD 6.0 to have more fun using it (and really
using it and not switching to other systems):

+ please drop CVS,RCS,SVN . They are not correct, slow, take too much
CPU and just pain in the ass to use
   DragonFly BSD has shown how awesome a distributed cvs is: they use
Linus' GiT.
   So why not developing a Distributed Tracking System the NetBSD way?
A NetBSD repository manager: Ngit.

+ Out of the Box Kernel enabled Full Virtualisation expandable by
different userland modules on different platforms - Why do we have

+ Support for more Filesystems. Whats going on in LINUX is crazy but
also awesome. New FS like JFFS2, RFS, BTRFS rock! they should be
considerd to be supported right from the beginning. NetBSD
intercompatibility with different MS and LINUX FS is annoying. NetBSD
should be able to talk natively to all other Storages from different
Systems. Thats suits NetBSD better as it runs on all systems but just
could talk to itself and other BSDs... Funny that with special
software even Windows and LINUX could write to slices but NetBSD still
is behind. Also I like to see HAMMERFS integrated natively and
certainly ZFS. UFS and FFS are - uhm... old in every aspect and
fashion. Maybe a Virtual Filesystem Layer (VFS) in the Kernel is
helping there.

+ NetBSD LIVE CD/USB with each release - also would be nice to have
NetBSD Server and NetBSD Desktop showcase CD with each release! I dont
want to build each time the stuff I need. Even as Admin sometimes I
just want to use it. LINUX CDs are so handy and I am mad about the
fact that I cant just quickly download a NetBSD Server Edition and
"WORK" on a problem instead of first putting hours into creating a
system. NetBSD is time consuming like hell.

+ integrating a small X-Window into the System.
   Something like Project "Wayland" from Canonical that has a
minimalistic mem footprint expandable by userland modules.

+ NUMA support and a true scheduler fÃr each MultiCore CPU

+ More focus on Mobile Devices - NetBSD is in my opinion a better
System on mobiles than LINUX/Android. Tethering drivers (to iPhone and
Android) would be nice.

Now flame

Mit freundlichen GrÃÃen,
i.A. Markus Maiwald

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Security is the one concept, which makes things in your life stay as
they are. Otto Normal is a man, who is afraid of changes in his life;
so naturally he does not employ security.

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