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Re: NetBSD Wishlist

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 4:41 PM, MTS Consult 
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> Here my wishlist for NetBSD 6.0 to have more fun using it (and really
> using it and not switching to other systems):
> + please drop CVS,RCS,SVN . They are not correct, slow, take too much
> CPU and just pain in the ass to use
> Â DragonFly BSD has shown how awesome a distributed cvs is: they use
> Linus' GiT.
> Â So why not developing a Distributed Tracking System the NetBSD way?
> A NetBSD repository manager: Ngit.
> Â

Work on this is underway, Joerg is working on import of NetBSD CVS to fossil.

> + Out of the Box Kernel enabled Full Virtualisation expandable by
> different userland modules on different platforms - Why do we have
> XEN?
> + Support for more Filesystems. Whats going on in LINUX is crazy but
> also awesome. New FS like JFFS2, RFS, BTRFS rock! they should be
> considerd to be supported right from the beginning. NetBSD
> intercompatibility with different MS and LINUX FS is annoying. NetBSD
> should be able to talk natively to all other Storages from different
> Systems. Thats suits NetBSD better as it runs on all systems but just
> could talk to itself and other BSDs... Funny that with special
> software even Windows and LINUX could write to slices but NetBSD still
> is behind. Also I like to see HAMMERFS integrated natively and
> certainly ZFS. UFS and FFS are - uhm... old in every aspect and
> fashion. Maybe a Virtual Filesystem Layer (VFS) in the Kernel is
> helping there.

We have ZFS in tree and there is Nilfs port too. I have even seen
jffs2 compatible fs implementation for NetBSD. So things are not so
bad on this front too.

> + NetBSD LIVE CD/USB with each release - also would be nice to have
> NetBSD Server and NetBSD Desktop showcase CD with each release! I dont
> want to build each time the stuff I need. Even as Admin sometimes I
> just want to use it. LINUX CDs are so handy and I am mad about the
> fact that I cant just quickly download a NetBSD Server Edition and
> "WORK" on a problem instead of first putting hours into creating a
> system. NetBSD is time consuming like hell.

We are not Ubuntu/Canonical.

> + NUMA support and a true scheduler fÃr each MultiCore CPU

This work has been started, and might be finished later on.




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