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Re: NetBSD Wishlist

> + Out of the Box Kernel enabled Full Virtualisation expandable by
> different userland modules on different platforms - Why do we have
> XEN?

Actually, IMHO XEN is still a good choice. The most important thing to 
implement here is the possibility of using multi-cores cpu in XEN.
The project has been launched, let's hope someone will work on it soon.
Would also be nice (but I think it's a XEN feature, not a NetBSD one) to have
power management.

> + Support for more Filesystems. Whats going on in LINUX is crazy but
> also awesome. New FS like JFFS2, RFS, BTRFS rock! they should be

Also a complete ext2 (but better ext3) support could be enough. Most of
recent Linux formatted devices can't be mounted on NetBSD, unless you
specify a different default value. 
Almost any OS can mount and read/write on ext2/3 FSs, nowadays. So...
ZFS is too much memory-hungry (and, if we want it in production, we need
something better than the FreeBSD implementation...)

> + NetBSD LIVE CD/USB with each release - also would be nice to have

I have my USB drive with a complete NetBSD installation for recovery
purposes. So personally I don't miss that.

> + integrating a small X-Window into the System.
>   Something like Project "Wayland" from Canonical that has a
> minimalistic mem footprint expandable by userland modules.

Canonical has big projects and big hype, but actually all they do is
changing tons of things every 6 months and, often, messing up things
I'm a Linux expert and have been working with it for more than 14
years now. 
While Ubuntu is surely a great thing, it also can be a great mess at
times. So sometimes it's better to be a little more conservative than
changing anything. On a Desktop, no problem. But on some 
production environments, it could lead to disasters. :)

> + NUMA support and a true scheduler für each MultiCore CPU


> + More focus on Mobile Devices - NetBSD is in my opinion a better
> System on mobiles than LINUX/Android. Tethering drivers (to iPhone and
> Android) would be nice.

Agree. Generally speaking, I found that NetBSD runs better than Linux or
FreeBSD on small or embedded systems. So it could be a great base for
some mobile projects. But, actually, someone should say "ok, time to
create an alternative for Android". Android itself is not endorsed by Linus.
They say that Android is open.
But, as a matter of fact, few Android devices are really Open, and 
Google is the only one in charge of changing things in the mainline.
It's ok. But they should stop shouting about being "open". 

> Now flame

Why? Your opinions are interesting, and a good starting point for a
constructive talk.


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