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RE: Flash sites in Firefox

> Adobe supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Solaris (from
> ).  If it is
> important to you that Flash works well, you should either persuade
> Adobe to provide a NetBSD version, or you should switch to using one
> of the platforms on which Flash is supported.
> Probably the best suggestion was to set up a virtual machine via Xen
> or VMWare to run Win7 (or OpenSolaris / Linux if you prefer).

Looking at the recent archives of this list, it looks like 5.1 will bring much 
better Linux compat.  I'd like to stay with NetBSD, since it's what I know the 
best right now, but maybe switching to Linux would be the easiest solution 
all-around.  I'm not sure I want to try tackling making use of a VM a seamless 
experience for the kids, since my experience with VMs is very small.

> From a feature PoV: only flash-9 is supported currently. However, I
> guess that importing 10.1 support (with renewed Linux libraries)
> should
> be possible, thanks to Chuck Silvers' work.
> So any flash content that requires version 10 is not supported.
> From a performance PoV: do not even consider being on par with
> Windows
> on that one, Linux (any distro) included. Lack of hardware
> acceleration
> support, bad graphical performance, can make it particularly painful
> when the application is heavy. And nothing will change that in the
> near
> future.

PBS Kids does require Flash 10, and though I'm using the v10 plugin from 
pkgsrc, I suppose multiple small issues may be adding up to confound the 
overall experience.

Thanks for all the quick responses,
Tim Larson

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