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Re: Flash sites in Firefox

On 21.07.2010 21:21, Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
> I set up a Dell for my young kids to play games at the PBS Kids
> site.  The experience has been awful - loading takes forever, lots of
> stuff not working, etc.  Is this due to me doing something wrong
> (please advise - this would be a relief), peculiarities of Linux-
> compatibility in NetBSD (in which case I may just wipe the box for
> Linux - annoying but not too painful), or the state of Flash support > on
> open OS's in general (in which case I'll probably have to buy a new
> machine - more painful; running Win7 - much more painful)?

Personal opinion:

From a feature PoV: only flash-9 is supported currently. However, I
guess that importing 10.1 support (with renewed Linux libraries) should
be possible, thanks to Chuck Silvers' work.

So any flash content that requires version 10 is not supported.

From a performance PoV: do not even consider being on par with Windows
on that one, Linux (any distro) included. Lack of hardware acceleration
support, bad graphical performance, can make it particularly painful
when the application is heavy. And nothing will change that in the near

Jean-Yves Migeon

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