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Re: Flash sites in Firefox


I would venture a suggestion to PC-BSD.  I seem to have had good
results using Flash there but this may depend on how well your
hardware is supported.

On 7/22/10, Larson, Timothy E. <> wrote:
>> Adobe supports Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and Solaris (from
>> ).  If it is
>> important to you that Flash works well, you should either persuade
>> Adobe to provide a NetBSD version, or you should switch to using one
>> of the platforms on which Flash is supported.
>  [snip]
>> Probably the best suggestion was to set up a virtual machine via Xen
>> or VMWare to run Win7 (or OpenSolaris / Linux if you prefer).
> Looking at the recent archives of this list, it looks like 5.1 will bring
> much better Linux compat.  I'd like to stay with NetBSD, since it's what I
> know the best right now, but maybe switching to Linux would be the easiest
> solution all-around.  I'm not sure I want to try tackling making use of a VM
> a seamless experience for the kids, since my experience with VMs is very
> small.
>> From a feature PoV: only flash-9 is supported currently. However, I
>> guess that importing 10.1 support (with renewed Linux libraries)
>> should
>> be possible, thanks to Chuck Silvers' work.
>> So any flash content that requires version 10 is not supported.
>> From a performance PoV: do not even consider being on par with
>> Windows
>> on that one, Linux (any distro) included. Lack of hardware
>> acceleration
>> support, bad graphical performance, can make it particularly painful
>> when the application is heavy. And nothing will change that in the
>> near
>> future.
> PBS Kids does require Flash 10, and though I'm using the v10 plugin from
> pkgsrc, I suppose multiple small issues may be adding up to confound the
> overall experience.
> Thanks for all the quick responses,
> Tim
> --
> Tim Larson

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