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Re: RAIDFRAME shrink

>     2. reconfigure the size of the RAID-1 partition on the original
>     larger disk by simply adjusting the label of that original disk,
>     nuke the RAIDframe component label on wd1, then re-create the RAID
>     with as a "broken" mirror after extending its partition to be the
>     desired size, something like this:
>       raidctl -u raid0
>       dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rwd1a bs=1k skip=16 count=1
>       disklabel -e wd1        # set size of 'a' to new size
>       raidctl -v -C /root/raid0.conf
>       raidctl -I 2010033099 raid0     # different from old serial#
>       raidctl -i raid0

Neat! Thanks for that. :)


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