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Re: RAIDFRAME shrink

On Tue, 30 Mar 2010 10:18 +0100, "Matthias Scheler" 
> On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 01:20:40AM +0400, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
> > Is it possible to shrink RAID1 devices?
> No, RAIDframe only provides RAID functionality, not logical volume
> management.
> NetBSD-current provides LVM support via the dm(4) kernel module and
> the Linux LVM tools. You can combine LVM with RAIDframe by e.g.
> using a RAID 1 volume as the storage pool for LVM.


But that still wouldn't help if I wanted to re-size the RAID 1 volume
itself, would it? My understanding is that this would be useful if I
wanted to re-size the LVs. 

At work, with hardware RAID on an HP server, I recollect doing something
like take out one of the disks in a mirror volume, replace with a larger
disk, add that to the mirror, once mirroring is complete take out the
other disk, replace with a larger disk, add to mirror, and thus end up
with a RAID 1 volume that is larger that it was initially. Then the
partitions on that volume were extended (this was a Windows server). I
thought something similar might do the trick here.


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