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Re: RAIDFRAME shrink

You'd need to do the following:

* detach wd1a from raid0
* resize wd1a to be the size you want
* overwrite the start of wd1a to nuke the RAID label
* create raid1 as a broken mirror of wd1a and 'component1'
* mount raid1a somewhere
* copy data from raid0a to raid1a
* unmount raid0a
* unconfigure raid0
* resize wd0a to match wd1a
* overwrite the start of wd0a to nuke the RAID label 
* add wd0a to raid1, wait resync

... but then you're left with a raid1 device and you'll need to change
your /etc/fstab ... although I do recall being able to change the
RAIDFrame device name somewhere, but not whilst it's configured ...

given it's only 10G, it might be simpler to copy it to another device,
then blow away and recreate raid0 from scratch but I can't see it
happening without copying it at least twice ...

hope that helps


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