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Re: Netbook support - status update?

On 01/04/2010 07:06 PM, der Mouse wrote:
For example, what is there about the EeePC 701 that makes it a
"netbook" but, say, my Tadpole 3GX, or Eurocom 2700T, or IBM WorkPad
z50 not?
Size and weight.

Hm, perhaps my z50 _is_ a "netbook" then.

Earlier versions of the netbook had limited hardware.

Everything has limited hardware (just some more so than others).

You have to look for cut down versions of software for them.

Oh, I'd be building all my own software.  I don't run software I didn't
build from source.

My 701 [...] [c]an do everything a full size laptop can do.

Including supporting typists whose hands can't deal with cramped

That's the biggest problem with physically small machines in my
experience - the keyboard borders on unusable.  But I tend to be picky
about keyboards anyway.

Well i count it as a netbook, if people using them are hunched over the small screen, apparently trying to look like Quasimodo...


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