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Re: Netbook support - status update?

> For example, what is there about the EeePC 701 that makes it a
> "netbook" but, say, my Tadpole 3GX, or Eurocom 2700T, or IBM
>  WorkPad z50 not?  Size?  Weight?  Battery life?  Power
>  consumption? Designation as such by its maker?

Size and weight.  You usually find that the screen is between 7 inches 
and 10 inches.  Like all things in this world you get what you pay 
for.  You want a brick that breaks your back whilst carrying it 
through an airport ?  Get a laptop.   If you travel a lot you want a 
netbook.  I carried a full size laptop for two years.  Life is a lot 
easier with a smaller netbook.  10" screen.  Does everything I want it 
to do.  Another example...

OpenBSD version.  Earlier versions of the netbook had limited 
hardware.  You have to look for cut down versions of software for 
them.  My 701 only had a 4Gb hard drive.  My 1005HA has 160Gb hard 
drive.  2GB of RAM.  Can do everything a full size laptop can do.


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