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Re: Netbook support - status update?

>> Just what _is_ a netbook?  I'd always thought of it as a recent
>> "marketing" buzzword for a laptop, but [...] it sounds as though
>> it's a relatively specific term for some small subset of laptops.
> For example.  The EeePC 701 and 1005HA....  [...]

I still don't see anything here indicating what the relevant diferences
between a netbook and an ordinary laptop are.  You've named two
examples, named two maunfacturers which also make them (neither of
which tells me anything useful; one makes lots of other computers too
and the other probably does, and even if not this is still just more

For example, what is there about the EeePC 701 that makes it a
"netbook" but, say, my Tadpole 3GX, or Eurocom 2700T, or IBM WorkPad
z50 not?  Size?  Weight?  Battery life?  Power consumption?
Designation as such by its maker?

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