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Re: Netbook support - status update?

>> For example, what is there about the EeePC 701 that makes it a
>> "netbook" but, say, my Tadpole 3GX, or Eurocom 2700T, or IBM WorkPad
>> z50 not?
> Size and weight.

Hm, perhaps my z50 _is_ a "netbook" then.

> Earlier versions of the netbook had limited hardware.

Everything has limited hardware (just some more so than others).

> You have to look for cut down versions of software for them.

Oh, I'd be building all my own software.  I don't run software I didn't
build from source.

> My 701 [...] [c]an do everything a full size laptop can do.

Including supporting typists whose hands can't deal with cramped

That's the biggest problem with physically small machines in my
experience - the keyboard borders on unusable.  But I tend to be picky
about keyboards anyway.

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