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Re: Netbook support - status update?

On Monday 04 Jan 2010 18:06:09 der Mouse wrote:
> > My 701 [...] [c]an do everything a full size laptop can do.
> Including supporting typists whose hands can't deal with cramped
> keyboards?

Yes.  The 701 did have a very small keyboard which suits my small 
hands.  Great for travelling though.  Was a major bonus for me to lose 
several kilograms from my luggage.

> That's the biggest problem with physically small machines in my
> experience - the keyboard borders on unusable.  But I tend to be
>  picky about keyboards anyway.

My EeePC 1005HA solved the keyboard problem.   Large keys.  Easy to 
use.  I'm very sure I could write a novel with it or a complete book 
about some aspect of GNU/Linux or one of the BSDs.  10" screen just 
does everything for me including the editing of photographs before 
sending them to a magazine for publication.

The Dell minibook is nice :)


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