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Re: ZFS status wrt FreeBSD, (open)solaris.

To reply to my own mail, for anyone who is interested:

Opensolaris:    very sensitive to BIOS/platform. can't get to boot (yet)
                 on the pc, still testing. Zo NFI how ZFS works on this 

FreeBSD:        very fast initial ZFS state. signs it slows down over time.
                alas, unstable on SMP on my host and cannot force the BIOS
                or the kernel to single-CPU mode yet, so not able to test 
                in depth. However, wrt ZFS:

                ZFS version 13, fully documented, 
                including cache disk. bootable zfs via gptboot in boot1 phase

NetBSD:         unable to load solaris; load zfs in boot.cfg (dies in ACPI 
                initialization) so still depending on runtime modload of the 
                slower than FreeBSD, deadlocks periodically. died during 
                dump/restore pipe, locked user processes doing rsync copies, 
                hangs at reboot with unable to unmount state(s)

                ZFS version 14. documentation still a bit weak, 
                nothing on cache disk usage, not apparently bootable.

I'm continuing to play, the think I most want to do next is get a zpool export 
work and see if I can zpool import into FreeBSD, and of course get Opensolaris 
to boot on my PC (I think its USB keyboard recognition)

NetBSD ZFS is very clearly labelled 'experimental' so its all 'caveat emptor'.

Hats off to the GSoC coder(s) and others, its really sweet to have it working 
much, still more to do I think (around the locking/resource consumption/speed 
for sure)


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