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ZFS status wrt FreeBSD, (open)solaris.

I am interested in the status of ZFS on NetBSD with respect
 to FreeBSD 8.0 and opensolaris.

FreeBSD 8.0 regard it as 'release ready' 
-but its sometimes commented on in ways which imply its still 'immature'

Opensolaris supports almost all the mainstream solaris features except 
duplicate block removal, and in particular has raidz3 which is not yet on 


        do people use ZFS on NetBSD for data that has no other defense in 
        Do you regard the raidz2 protections as viable for you, 
        noting that other FS like LFS have in the past lost your blocks?

        if I have FreeBSD or opensolaris ZFS on GPT, will these disks 'work' 
        in NetBSD as-is if I preserve their fundamental order and 

        Opensolaris recommends 1GB memory for the OS, and at LEAST 1GB memory 
for the ZFS,
        with expectations it will eat memory. Is this common to all the 


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