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Re: ZFS status wrt FreeBSD, (open)solaris.


> NetBSD:               unable to load solaris; load zfs in boot.cfg (dies in 
>               initialization) so still depending on runtime modload of the 
> code. 
>               slower than FreeBSD, deadlocks periodically. died during 
>               dump/restore pipe, locked user processes doing rsync copies, 
>               hangs at reboot with unable to unmount state(s)
>               ZFS version 14. documentation still a bit weak, 
>               nothing on cache disk usage, not apparently bootable.

Yeah there are still problems in our zfs port but we are working on them. I'm 
working on code update to get our zfs code to current solaris code. It would be 
great if you can submit any bugs to me so I can look at them and try to fix 
them. Usualy bt from ddb and backtraces from other zfscv process should be 



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