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Re: About

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 11:44 PM, Magnus Eriksson 
<> wrote:

> it seems that you (i.e. some of "you developers") don't
> really get, or want, the wiki model.

That may be true. The goal is not to implement a model.

> you don't seem to know what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Sure, perhaps we don't seem to know. Perhaps the meta-content on haven't been made clear and complete enough for the
casual reader. In that case I would point out again that barring my
previous message in this thread, hasn't yet asked for
casual readers.

> So just what are the goals, and does everyone involved agree?

For a first iteration, yes. That's why we've been able to make some
progress toward an official wiki that addresses some real problems for
the NetBSD Project.

> If you want the wiki to succeed, I'd suggest doing the exact opposite. Ask
> what the people involved want, and then build it.
> Then again, already exists, so there's plenty of room to
> experiment (and even fail).

Exactly. If folks want a NetBSD community wiki to shape to their
needs, you're in luck, it's existed for years! What doesn't it do that
you wish it did? What are you waiting for?

Don't worry too hard. If the time comes and's
functionality doesn't match up well against, people
won't get excited about it. Contrapositively, if and when takes off, it will have been persuasive to its users.

I have a great deal of sympathy for the general-purpose
problem-solving technique of first asking people what they want.
That's been done here, in concentric circles, starting with NetBSD's
admins, then a handful of other developers, then all developers. It
will continue to be done that way when we're ready to adapt what we've
got to input from our users. I'm not trying to shut you or anyone else
up. I'm saying this public discussion was intended to happen later,
when it'll be more fruitful, and asking for patience until then.

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