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Service outage of 2009-12-24 through 2010-01-01

We have just been informed that heavy maintenance will be performed on
Columbia University's chilled water system over the winter holiday.  For
approximately 4 days, all chilled water will stop.  Worse, Water-cooled air
conditioning systems and other heavy equipment served by the chilled water
supply will have to be shut down a day early and restarted a day late.

This means that, due a complete air conditioning shutdown in its
machine room, will be offline from some time on
December 24, 2009 through some time on January 1, 2010.  If the water
system or air conditioners do not come online as planned there will
doubtless be a further outage.

This means there will be no daily builds nor pkgsrc autobuilds while
the system is offline; earlier builds will be available only from

We apologize for the short notice: you are learning of this about two
hours after we did, ourselves.

Thor Simon
for the NetBSD Admin Team

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