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Re: Intel Enanched Speedstep support.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:27:25AM -0700, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> If your machine is idle, and your CPU fan is running loudly but only  
> getting a ~60C temp, something is probably wrong.
Then something is wrong I guess. Though, I wondering why the CPU fan starts
very slow (I can't hear it at all), then increments its speed due to an
incrementation of the temperature and, finally, it states at the maximum speed
with a temp of ~60C.  It should decrements its speed when the temperature goes
below 55-50C. If so, there shouldn't be anything wrong, isn't? Unlucky I'm not
currently able to decrements the CPU temperature and ensure that everything
works as expected.

> You might try checking your other case or PSU fans and make sure they  
> aren't failing or even installed backwards.  For example, If you have a 
> 60/80mm fan under the PSU, and that's installed backwards (it should be 
> exhaust not intake for that position), it will completely mess up  
> airflow around the CPU and you might a similar result.  Or you might  
> have something messed up with the CPU fan, heatsink, or thermal compound 
> application-- consider replacing your CPU fan & cooler if nothing more 
> obvious helps.
I'm pretty sure all the fans are installed properly. They are exactly how my
vendor placed it; though I played around a bit several times inside my case but
I reinstalled all the components (including fans) as they should be. Of course,
I checked again before to reply here.

I think the only actual solution is what you suggested: replace CPU fan and
cooler. This should solve the problem. Though I would like to know if it's
possible to play with the fans and/or CPU clock speed via NetBSD. My CPU have
the Speedstep support so it should be theoretically possible (it worked with MS
Windows as you can image). This is also the main reason I opened this thread. 

Claudio M. Alessi

JID: smoppy AT

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