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Re: dhclient 3.1.2 on NetBSD/i386 5.0

Thanks for your reply Christos.

Looks like isc has not picked up the getifaddrs() changes. I am just

That doesn't seem to be so. I ran this command in both NetBSD-5.0's /usr/src/dist/dhcp directory and on the ISC's dhcp-3.0.3 sources and there was no output:

% find . -type f -exec grep -il getifaddrs {} \;

But you can see the changes we've made to dhcp and apply them.

Well, not easily. I tried though. To make the comparison easier I removed all the CVS directories in /usr/src/dist/dhcp/client then ran 'diff -r' on that directory against the ISC's dhcp-3.0.3/client directory. There were quite a few differences which was a bit daunting, so I didn't attempt to apply them to the ISC's 3.1.2 client.


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