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AW: libgnomecanvas don't see gail


Ok ist realy the same machine as last week, now after you mail i don a
delete from the pakage glib and gtk and so i recompiled this thow

glib2-2.20.1        Some useful routines for C programming (glib2)
gtk2+-2.16.1       GIMP Toolkit v2 - libraries for building X11 user

so libgnomecanvas now ist running to end without failure mhhh
sorry form e threads, but i learn fast and hope that i see now more

yes my pkgsrc are up to date

thanks where mutch and hope this abiword now ist running to end without

i wish you a nice day 

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
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Auftrag von Jeremy C. Reed
Gesendet: Freitag, 24. April 2009 16:21
An: Caloro Maurizio
Betreff: Re: libgnomecanvas don't see gail

On Fri, 24 Apr 2009, Caloro Maurizio wrote:

> ===> Installing dependencies for libgnomecanvas-2.26.0
> => Full dependency libglade>=2.5.1nb4: found libglade-2.6.2
> => Full dependency pango>=1.12.1nb1: found pango-1.20.3
> => Full dependency libart>=2.3.16nb1: found libart-2.3.20

I don't understand why this doesn't show "gtk2+" also...

> ===> Overriding tools for libgnomecanvas-2.26.0
> checking for LIBGNOMECANVAS... configure: error: Package requirements (
gtk+-2.0 >= 2.0.3   gail >= 1.9.0   libart-2.0 >= 2.3.8   pango >= 1.0.1
pangoft2 >= 1.0.1) were not met:
> No package 'gail' found

This is similar to your problem "Subject: Re: libgnomeprintui - gail - gtk 
problems ?" I thought you solved it. Is this a different system?

The gail.pc pkg-config file is provided in gtk2+-2.14.3 or 
newer. What gtk2+ package do you have?

Is your pkgsrc up to date?

I see that libgnomecanvas  requires

BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.gtk2=     gtk2+>=2.14.0

Pkgsrc never has 2.14.0 as far as I see. (Jumped from 2.12.12 to 2.14.3.)
I don't see the problem if your pkgsrc is up to date. (Was it only 
partially updated?)

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