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Re: problem with non-Latin characters in msdosfs filenames

2009/4/22 Martin Husemann <>:
> In a msdosfs directory you can not have the same name twice with mixed case,
> i.e. "martin.txt" and "Martin.txt" are the same name. When creating a new
> file, you need to do a case insensitive compare against all existing entries.
> A case insensitive compare needs the locale information (say if the files
> in question are called "Ãbersicht.pdf" and "Ãbersicht.pdf").

Thanks for the information.  I am very naÃve about file systems; but
it would seem to me that this should not matter if one only wanted to
`read' existing files.  (Also, letter case is largely irrelevant for
many non-Latin-based scripts such as Perso-Arabic.)


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