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Re: problem with non-Latin characters in msdosfs filenames

Pouya D. Tafti wrote:
> It seems to me that this problem is related to PRs kern/36370 and
> kern/16653.  But I think the workaround suggested in the former PR
> deals with Cyrillic characters exclusively.  Does anyone know of a
> workaround that can be used in my case?  Are there any plans to fix
> this in 6.0?

Simpler question: Why are there conversion tables or any kind of iconv
functionality in msdosfs, or any filesystem driver, for that matter?  

A unix filename is just a bag of bytes.  No encoding is implied or
promised, and only '/' and NUL are prohibited.  As neither of these are
valid in an MS-DOS filename either, I don't understand why the filename
need be "converted" at all.  


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