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Marvell 88E8038 ethernet controller gives "no carrier" under NetBSD 5, isn't detected under NetBSD 4

Hi... I've got an issue with my Marvell Yukon 2 PCI-E ethernet
controller. When running NetBSD 5 (via Jibbed), the device cannot
connect to any network; dhcpcd always gives "waiting for carrier..."
and then times out. As far as I can tell, there's nothing funky in
dmesg, but ifconfig also says there's "no carrier" for the device.

I tried NetBSD 4.0.1 to see if that was any better, and got a rather
stranger result - msk0 did not appear in ifconfig at all. Normally, I
have to disable ACPI for the device to appear, due to my laptop's
buggy and limited BIOS; however, in this case ACPI was off, and the
device still wasn't there. Nothing relating to msk0 appeared during
boot either.

Even more strangely, the ethernet card works absolutely fine under
both FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Has anyone seen this before? How, if at all, can I work around it?

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