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Re: Aha2940 SCSI card support? (Also attendant SCSI Seagate drives)

"Gregg Levine" writes:
> Hello!
> Well according to the manpage located at the
> card is indeed supported, (no doubt there), but I am more concerned
> about this drive family, ST318404LW, which is an 18.37G drive, or even
> this one, ST39216W who is an 9.19G drive.
> I don't know how many of you are aware of me, it happens I collect a
> lot of oddball computer hardware. A fellow enthusiast in this area
> (NYC) not too long ago unloaded about three quarters of his
> collection. It happens that a good number of items there were all SCSI
> drives and associate controllers.
> The computer I have used the card, and the 18.37G drive on before,
> worked rather nicely with Solaris, and I didn't have any problems
> there.
> I am however curious if anyone on this list is still running SCSI
> hardware via Intel. My next step is to ask on the I386 list of course,
> but I want to wait and see what all of you think.

If you can get the drives hooked up and terminated correctly, I'd be 
very surprised if NetBSD didn't work with them.

(My Intel+SCSI boxes at home are mostly sitting idle now due to 
failing hardware, but I still have a number at work that are doing
just fine...)


Greg Oster

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